Hear what they're saying!

Adam from Peachtree City, GA – “I love everything about this system the look, the simplicity and the wonderfully fresh produce. I’m a chef and the lettuce we get from our Go Grow Planter is so much fresher than what we typically get from our restaurant supplier” 

Thelma from Kentucky - I definitely will be buying one. Because of health reasons I can no longer eat iceberg lettuce. I can't seem to get other greens to grow in the soil here so this will be great. 

Deb from Ft. Wayne, Indiana – the sun doesn’t reach the areas of soil in my backyard so I love having the option of growing what I want where I want it. I’m addicted to the Sandy lettuce from my Go Grow Planters system. I use the crisp Romaine leaves instead of a bun so my cheeseburgers can be gluten free! 

Cindy from Leo, Indiana – my entire Go Grow system is filled with Impatiens – so beautiful! I can leave my flowers for a couples of weeks and don’t have to hire the neighbor kid to water them. So much beauty and so little effort! 

Todd from OH – I don’t have to build raised beds for my wife. Our Go Grow Planters system is classy yet practical. 

Erin for Angola, Indiana – My kids have loved helping with our Go Grow Planter. They couldn’t wait for the seeds to germinate and check their “basils” each day. When outside playing, they now take time for a lettuce break and eat right from the planter! Thanks for helping my kids love salad!! 

When ordering a second planter, Margie from Stockbridge GA, said “I love my planter, I’m buying this one for a friend”. 

Kathleen’s husband from Atlanta called Go Grow Planters after the Spring Atlanta Home Show and said “I guess I didn’t realize how much my wife wanted a Go Grow Planter. That is all she has talked about since the show.” They bought two the next day.